In 2009, a group of political consultants approached Voice Broadcasting Corp. with a proposal. If Voice Broadcasting could make an online system that would effectively and easily create polls in 10 minutes or less, the consultants would buy thousands of dollars of polls each day. If not, they would spend nothing. From this proposal, Pollmakers was born. Now you can use Pollmakers' easy, online controls to create automated polls in 5-10 minutes. Then you can call 20,000 people in 10 minutes or less. Your graphs and reports are instantly updated as the results come in, so no more waiting to know what your voters think. I'm Amber Valdez, President of Pollmakers, and I love celebrating victories with happy clients. Chat with me now, or call me at 800-342-1608.


At Pollmakers, we know that when your name is on the line, so is ours. We understand that political races are 24/7, so you have our cell phone numbers, so you can instantly get a hold of us. When you need a last minute change, a new list, a new idea, or you're just plain out of time and you need someone to help, we're here. The people that work at Pollmakers are chosen by clients. We realize how important it is to work with somebody you enjoy, and that is the most important factor we use when choosing our team at Pollmakers. Our principals have been part of our parent company, Voice Broadcasting.since it's beginning in 1991. Since then, Voice Broadcasting has delivered over 1.5 billion calls and automated polls around the world. Chat with us now, or call at 800-342-1608.


We make it easy for you to be successful. You can either create your polls through our easy, online system, or one of us will happily create your polls for you. You can call in to record your messages, or easily upload them, and use them instantly. We give you online control and real-time web-reporting so you can see your poll results instantly, and can react accordingly. How easy is Pollmaker to use? One of our most successful consultants created 12 polls in an hour and a half. He ran them all simultaneously, calling several hundred thousand people, just so he could finish in time for American Idol. This is a man who knows his priorities. :-) Call us at 800-342-1608 or chat with us now.


How much would you pay to know what your voters really think? For the price of 3-7 cents per call, you can identify voters, learn your voter's opinions on hot issues, or even learn your voter's opinions on your candidates. Polls are invaluable tools to winning an election, and we make them easy, inexpensive, fast, and most of all, effective. Our clients are often shocked by how inexpensively they can find out what their voters really think compared to doing live polls. Live polls usually cost several dollars per person completing a poll. Our system only costs between 30-70 cents per person completing a poll. Best of all, you don't have to deal with the managerial, logistical, and statistical variances you get with live, unpredictable, human callers. Chat with us right now, or call at 800-342-1608.


We are looking for mutually beneficial partnerships with political consultants. Our consultants and resellers we partner with often call us their "secret weapon". We offer flexible, profitable opportunities for you to help your clients win. For less than $1000 we can private label the Pollmakers interface and reports for your consulting firm so your clients see your name, not ours. Please call Amber Valdez at 800-342-1608 to discuss making a win-win arrangement for both of our companies. Pollmakers, a division of Voice Broadcasting Corp.
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